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“The Last Triceracorn (Book One)” by Vincent M. Miceli is an exciting action fantasy adventure for YA audiences but will appeal to almost all ages, including the young at heart. This well-told fantasy is about main characters Matea and Luciana, two spirited and talented sisters who discover themselves in the midst of an epic tale filled with magic, mystery, suspense, and dark drama. The locations set the stage for the unique adventures to come. They think they are fighting alone but find help from newfound friends- children with special gifts, much like themselves, and from many different places.

 But that’s just the beginning. Out of the past comes someone familiar who may hold the secret keys to the questions they have. They must solve riddles and are led from one adventure to another, including Egyptian pyramids and an intriguing funhouse. My favorite part is at the heart of the story: It’s urgent that they save the earth, and a mystical creature, from enemies who wish harm.

Miceli has created a world for readers that is enchanting, dangerous, and full of lessons, in a fun way. Mystical, mythical creatures have captured the hearts and imaginations of audiences throughout the ages, and the Triceracorn is no exception. Are we really ever too old to believe in whimsy, fantasy creatures, or adventures that take us on unforgettable journeys? This is one of those journeys you need to take, thanks to the impressive world-building skills of the author.

The characters are dynamic, the settings magical, and the plot is reminiscent of a cherished fairy tale. The Triceracorn is a mythical creature and the last of its kind, who is sought after by Gauro, the supreme villain. It’s the Triceracorns that provide balance to the planets. What happens when that balance is threatened? The sisters are willing to risk everything to rescue this creature and restore balance to the universe, but they’ll need a little help from their gifted friends. These lessons will stay with the reader, and readers will realize the connections to the delicate balance of our own world.

What I like about this story is that it’s cleverly conceived and well-executed. You never get tired of exploring this world and the mission that the characters are on. You want to be part of it too. Shared goals unite these characters, and you root for them to succeed, as well as for the safety of the Triceracorn. It’s great to see these characters rise to this seemingly impossible challenge, and it has enough of the real world in it to feel grounded. If you want that feeling of reliving your favorite youthful fantasies and falling in love with a new mythical creature, “The Last Triceracorn” by Vincent M. Miceli is a must-have for your personal library.



Review by Tammy Ruggles for Reader Views



The Last Triceracorn by Vincent M. Miceli is the first book in a new series. Sisters Matea and Luciana wake up in total darkness where they quickly discover they've been abducted, along with several other children, by a beast called Kruug, acting for the evil Gauro. Each child was taken from unrelated parts of the world, but all possess unique gifts similar to those of the two sisters. Each child comes from a different background and they must learn to work together while also getting to know each other against a backdrop of an epic adventure. Their adventure brings them to the Great Pyramids and up against dangerous threats such as an army of scorpions and giant sinkholes. They work with their new allies to keep Gauro from capturing a mystical creature called a Triceracorn that will allow him to rule the galaxy.

The world is a delightful tapestry of science fiction and fantasy with moments that are action-packed, humorous, quirky, and creative. The style of the world is reminiscent of familiar scenes from older science fiction works with details such as using a headband for communicating with souls. The Troglobites have enhanced senses, and are a threat to the whole galaxy. Vivid details bring these elements to life as Vincent M. Miceli delivers an original adventure that takes place on a galactic scale. Gauro's ultimate plan to catch a Triceracorn is at the root of the story with a rich background provided by the unique creature. The Triceracorn has a specific role as the force that can turn the balance of all the planets toward good or evil, which adds desperation to the actions of this team of children to save the galaxy. The Last Triceracorn is a fun, suspenseful, absorbing, and original read that's great for a variety of ages.


Review by Liz Konkel for Readers’ Favorite


The Last Triceracorn (Book One) by Vincent M. Miceli is a young adult fantasy adventure that reminds us why we invest in mythical creatures possessing noble qualities and supernatural abilities that cannot be visualized. But it really doesn’t matter because, for us, they embody ideals that we look up to that we’ve never outgrown. Such is the case of this new magical creature called the Triceracorn, the most magical creature in the galaxies which the villain, Gauro, is running after. Triceracorns are the ultimate righteous creatures that give the planets their rightful balance. Having said that, you know what happens if such creatures fall into the wrong hands, and the last one of its kind becomes a very priceless possession. Sisters Matea and Luciana will be involved in a dangerous rescue mission where the balance of the universe is at stake. They will have to forge an alliance with other gifted kids from different parts of the world to survive and stop a menacing evil.

While the Triceracorn is the center of this book’s theme, it’s about brave and bright kids who come together to pull off a common goal of saving the galaxies. The Last Triceracorn embodies the kind of innocence and idealism that belongs to curious and imaginative minds—something that we have all experienced and perhaps you will continue to do so. Vincent M. Miceli ramps up the young adult fantasy genre with a well-crafted and stirring plot. The Triceracorn reminds me of the Chinese mythical creature, qilin, which was used in the Fantastic Beasts film series. Reading the first page of this adventure tale immediately made me decide to invest in this new series. It’s an exploit fraught with dangers for the young protagonists, yet it feels reassuring. I loved the way Miceli allows his characters to explain jargon without sounding like they are lecturing. I highly recommend this book to lovers of young adult fantasy for its imaginary vision with a modern style appeal.



Review by Vincent Dublado for Readers’ Favorite

Have you ever heard of a triceracorn? It’s the most magical creature in the universe and there’s only one left. The evil Gauro is after this triceracorn to make use of it for his own nefarious purpose. He’s also after two strong-willed, gifted, and sometimes smart-assed sisters, Matea and Luciana. They have powers, too, and Gauro wishes to control their powers and those of other gifted children from all over Earth. He enlists a disgusting dragon-like creature, Kruug, to capture Matea and Luciana, but he is no match for the sisters’ wits and talents. Now the sisters must find the triceracorn before Gauro does to save Earth and perhaps the universe as well. There are more gifted children and soon there’s a band of magical powers that will give Gauro a challenge he might not be able to defeat.

Vincent M. Miceli’s middle-grade novel, The Last Triceracorn, is the first book in a series of magical fantasies that follow the adventures of two sisters, Matea and Luciana. Most of the story is told in dialogue with very little descriptive narrative, but the dialogue is well orchestrated to give a sense of place and to heighten the adventure. This dialogue-driven story makes it easier for young readers to follow along. The plot begins with a challenge for the sisters to overcome – escape is the only option, but how? The story leads the reader through the possible scenarios and the multiple attempts to escape and avoid confrontation with the evil Gauro. The dialogue is also used deftly to give a sense of character, even for the dragon-like creature, Kruug. The story will appeal to young readers who enjoy the thrill of magic, fantasy, science fiction, and worlds beyond our own.



Review by Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers’ Favorite

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