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Father/Husband/Lawyer/Author? Maybe….

The main thing people say to me is… "I didn't know you were an author?" My response… "Neither did I."

So, this journey started about 13 years ago with my two very strong-willed daughters. Every night growing up, I would read to them the usual books: The Cat in the Hat, The Hungry Caterpillar, and every known nursery rhyme under the sun (or moon). But one night, the repetition of it all bored me, and I just couldn't do it anymore… so I made up a story on the spot. It was about a magical bear named "Zucco," whose magical fur would shimmer and shine according to his moods. As I told this story, my oldest daughter's eyes widened with excitement. "Wow!" she smiled…and at that moment, my heart melted with the innocence of it all. 

Well, the next night, as I tucked my eldest daughter into bed, I went to grab another one of the usual books when she stopped me and gleamed, "No, Dada. Tell me about Zucco." Again my heart melted, and from that night on, I would try to make up the most innovative of stories. 

Now fast forward 13 years, and I eventually wrote a book that included all of those made-up stories (it took me five years just to complete). But the journey was far from over as I searched for 16 months to have it published by a book agent… and I even sent out over 140 query letters to those agents. Unfortunately, not a one said "yes." Yet, I remained determined, and in the end, decided to publish it myself... and guess what? THE CRITICS LOVE IT! THEY ALL GAVE IT FIVE STARS!! And not only that, but even after one year, it's still ranked NUMBER ONE in sales for BEST SELLER in Young Adult Fiction Action and Adventure!!

So… that's my story, and I truly hope that everybody enjoys this book as much as those two little girls did those many moons ago.

Thank You,

Vincent M. Miceli
The Last Triceracorn (Book One)

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