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Vincent M. Miceli

5-Star Author

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Book Two

The Last Triceracorn (Book Two) is the exciting conclusion to the modern-day fantasy about two strong-willed and gifted sisters, Matea and Luciana, who unwillingly find themselves drawn into this heroic tale of global adventure, love, friendship, mystery, magic, and unthinkable settings. But luckily, they're not alone in this fight as a band of newly formed friends, gifted children from all around the world, come together to battle the very forces of evil. From haunted houses, to fictional forests, to tribal islands... the race is on to save a mystical creature, and the earth itself, from complete and absolute destruction.


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Book One 

The Last Triceracorn (Book One) is a modern-day fantasy about two strong-willed and gifted sisters, Matea and Luciana, who unexpectedly find themselves drawn into this epic tale of worldly destruction, adventure, suspense, mystery, magic, and unusual settings. But they soon discover that they’re not alone in this fight as they stumble upon a band of newly formed friends… gifted children, like themselves, from all around the world. Yet there’s more… an old acquaintance from their past who might just have the secretive answers they need. From complex riddles, to the Great Pyramids of Egypt, to the dangers of a multidimensional Funhouse… the race is on to save a mystical creature, and the earth itself, from the evil clutches of both known and unknown enemies.

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A fun and magical journey! This charming young adult chapter book will keep your reader enthralled. What a magical experience. We love it!


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The Last Triceracorn is a fun, suspenseful, absorbing, and original read that's great for a variety of ages.



L. Konkel

The story will appeal to young readers who enjoy the thrill of magic, fantasy, science fiction, and worlds beyond our own.


E.J. Orford


About Me

Father/Husband/Lawyer/Author? Maybe…

The main thing people say to me is… "I didn't know you were an author?" My response… "Neither did I."

So, this journey started about 13 years ago with my two very strong-willed daughters. Every night growing up, I would read to them the usual books: The Cat in the Hat, The Hungry Caterpillar, and every known nursery rhyme under the sun (or moon). But one night, the repetition of it all bored me, and I just couldn't do it anymore… so I made up a story on the spot. It was about a magical bear named "Zucco," whose magical fur would shimmer and shine according to his moods. As I told this story, my oldest daughter's eyes widened with excitement. "Wow!" she smiled… and at that moment, my heart melted with the innocence of it all.


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